You’re better than you think!

Let us show you how we make finance fun, intuitive, and energizing for business leaders.


You have a gut feel for your business, get a gut feel for the numbers. Accelerate your learning to make finance intuitive and build financial management skills that are with you every step of the way.


Today’s world is all about disruption and innovation. Shift your budgeting process from an exhausting series of meetings to an exhilarating journey of insights, AH HA moments and new directions.


Don’t just see the numbers in a different way, see the world in a different
way. Use behaviour-driven finance to revolutionize your leadership style and grow your business.

F*NANCE for Business. You’re better than you think!

Enlightening. Empowering. Intuitive. Get a whole new perspective on how to train, disrupt, and transform your business using behaviour-driven financial tools. Join us at our next event to find out how!

About Steph Sharp

Steph Sharp has been a finance, negotiation, and strategy expert for over 30 years. She has recently launched F*NANCE – a program for leaders who think finance is a four-letter word. F*NANCE makes the numbers enlightening, empowering, and intuitive, using behaviour-driven tools to transform your business.

Ms Sharp has been developing these tools for 15 years, training hundreds small business leaders and entrepreneurs around the world along the way and creating agile leaders who can manage today’s complexity and chaos.

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